Why Yoga?

Take care… of your one and only permanent vehicle…

Yes, I am talking of our precious vehicle… ‘OUR BODY’ that we have received as a gift from The God. In this era, most of the people start their careers at an early age of 20 to 22 to earn the money & doesn’t care much about their physical health.

Eating junk food, working long hours at a stretch, attending parties till late night and remaining in stress have become part of today’s lifestyle in which physical activities like games & exercise don’t get any importance. Some people have the false notion in their mind that just as brand new vehicle doesn’t require any maintenance; our bodies also don’t require exercise, yoga & meditation at this age.

We can replace our bicycles, motor bikes or car in two, five or ten years when they get old or damaged.

But can we replace our body in the same way?

I am not telling you to live life like a monk. Definitely you have the right to enjoy outside world throughly, but at the same time one needs to listen the needs of the body also. Your body is such a precious vehicle which no one can replace or change.

– Sujata Shah

How yoga helps :

Yoga comprises of different asanas, which provides essential stretching to different body parts. It is advisable to practice asanas under the guidance of knowledgeable trainer to get positive results. By practicing it regularly body becomes more flexible, energetic and helps to increase concentration and productivity at work.

Pranayama is a breathing exercise, providing proper oxygen to the body cells thereby purifying blood. It generates positive energy in the body and helps to improve concentration, memory & decision power.

Meditation /Savasana:
Savasana is the technique developed for complete relaxation and to experience lightness in the body. Proper savasana if practiced for 15 minutes gives freshness similar to 6 hours sleep. It also helps to remove physical and mental physical fatigue.