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Mercury outboard wont go over 3000 rpm

Technology that could well leapfrog the company over the competition to the No. Have a dealer inspect and make corrective repair. . To troubleshoot the engine, go through a series of checks for specific issues that can occur and fix as needed. Additionally, the tester can be used to test Mercury Outboard EFI injectors. If I go too much it will ventilate and I can tell by the rpm increase and the sound. i have spark on all cylinders,and have new fuel wich is clearly making it So the issue at the moment is that it won't rev up over 2000 rpm while under load. The most common problem with both two- and four-stroke engines begin with the fuel system. Outboard won't exceed 2000 RPM under load I have an older Mariner 115 outboard that's got relatively low hours, it's the 6 cylinder so I suspect it's a 1986 or 87. by seth jacobs (Lake George NY) i put an old 86 merc 140 in a new hull and this is what i get stuck with. The service manual downloads for the above listed Yamaha, Mercury, MerCrusier Mariner, Suzuki & Johnson/Evenrude models describes the service procedures for the complete inboard, outboard, jet drive or stern drive. what rpms should a 1988 100 hp Johnson outboard idle; what should Johnson 55 idle rpm; what should the idle speed be for a 1991 250 hp Johnson outboard; what the rpm idle setting 60 hp Johnson 2 stroke; what to set idle at out of the water Johnson outboard 75hp; what will cause outboard motor to fail to idle; what would cause outboard engine to The service manual download for the above listed Mercury Outboard models describes the service procedures for the complete outboard. Re: 90 HP Mercury won't accelerate past 3000 rpm I don't think the prop is the problem, on two occasions it accelerated to full speed and I did nascar laps around the lake hoping it would fix itself. The engine only has 61 hours on it. I've had the carb. the other problem is my boat will plane,but at 2800 rpm,the motor starts breaking up bad,and will not go past 3000 rpm. Engine scanned perfectly, started instantly and ran smoothly, but was slow to get on plane and would not run over 32-3300 RPM. A Mercury SmartCraft System instrument package can be purchased for this outboard. I was on the lakes last month and running fine before running into some mud. I have a late 80's Mercury outboard motor on my boat. ) With this model, Mercury Marine moved heaven and earth to make her durable in saltwater…or anywhere else. Started up the boat took off and the damn thing wont turn over 2K rpms. In neutral, it will spool up no problem. Great for aluminum fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, or as a kicker, the 15hp and 20hp engines are reliable compact outboard motors. I have a Mercury 150hp outboard and it has no power when i get a group on my boat but with 2 or 3 its great? My mercury 1500 (150hp) outboard 1977 model runs great with 2 or 3 people on my boat but when i get 5 or six people on there the motor wont rev over 2000 rpms and it bogs down really bad even with throttle wide open but the people get I have a 2005 Mercury Optimax 175. 1973-1990 Evinrude Johnson Outboard Service Manual 2-40 hp 1500-2000 rpm 2200 2500 rpm 3000-3500 rpm and much more. Are you looking for good advice about your Mercury outboard engine problems and issues. Starts great and ildes great and will even run great at low RPM, but when you try to accelerate the engine falls flat on it's face. (25mm) below the anti-ventilation plate of the outboard. Open and secure the car's hood. Your new Mercury outboard or sterndrive is covered by our factory warranty from the date the product is first put into service or your date of purchase, whichever occurs first – provided that it is registered with us. i changed the wires, plugs, cap, roter, condencer, new gas. Its direct injection 2 smoker. Possible reduction of power, dependent on alarm. Hello, I am having [a problem] with my 1998 OptiMax 200-HP outboard engine. The motor revs sharply, up to whatever rpm, just as it always has. Another issue may be that fuel line is clogged and fuel isn't reaching the engine. Bubba's Outboards > Started right back up, but now won't throttle past 3,000 RPM in gear and won't plane out. Exactly 3000 rpm. Run the engine at normal operating temperature, race the engine to the between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm a few times under no load. 5000 RPM won't hurt a thing and any time you have a heavy load,  Feb 21, 2017 “An engine that does not reach the rated RPM at wide-open-throttle is an The mechanical strain on an over-propped marine engine is like starting an When you go UP an inch of pitch, your RPM should DECREASE by around 200. View and Download Mercury Optimax 115 service manual online. I was sitting in the garage with the car running thinking over my exhaust problem and decided to rev the engine up near the redline to see how it handled it. So I basically idled around the lake for the tournament the whole weekend merc 140 tops out at 3000 rpm. Been fishing just taking it easy on it right now and will take her to dealer after first week of August. This lightweight, clean burning V8 engine is available in two output configurations, 335 and 370 horsepower. Right now, if you count Evinrude and Johnson as separate brands, Yamaha is No. Our high-performance outboard motors provide the best acceleration. about 1 out of 5 times that i run the motor up to cruising speed (4800-5200 rpm) and get to where i am fishing, i ease back on the throttle to idle (neutral) but the motor stays at 1700 RPM and wont let me get any lower and actually wont let me go to neutral (because its still too high rpm) I basically have to turn off the 150 Hp Johnson Outboard Motor Boats for sale 30 gallon fuel tank - in good shape and cruises at 22 mph at 3000 rpm. functions to reduce the engine RPM to approximately 2,500 when the engine overheats. State-of-the-Art designs make the DF25A the most technically advanced portable outboard on the market today. Won't go over 2200-2400 RMP. Engine temperature Drive lube level or transmission temperature on MIE models Sensor fault Beep for five This is the best Mercury Outboard Forum on the internet, it's yours! If you own a Mercury Outboard. How fast does it go? For estimating the speed for small outboard planing boats see Planing Speed Boat Chart. Last year I went down to use the boat, and [the OptiMax engine] would not run over 4,000-RPM. Any ideas, like it said it starts fine in fast idle and gets up to about 3,000 rpm. My 32 foot Chris Craft with twin Volvo 5. 9HP mercury won't accelerate. 2) Confirm the engine is not over-heating. 85 HP Chrysler Outboard Motor; Outboard Motors Chrysler Chrysler - 100 115 And 140 HP Outboards OB 3439 Service Manual What happens here is that black copper oxide is an insulator, so over time your crimp joint can go open circuit as the surface of the copper wire turns from copper to copper oxide. the motor is in time,carb plates close fully as well as open freely at wot. This could be somewhat long so please bear with me. was running great but now it bogs out at 3000 rpm and its getting worse it started doing it at 4500 rpm, but when i'm in Bloodydecks. 9Hp 15Hp 4 Stroke Outboard Repair Manual [Improved] MERCURY 1986 2003 6/8/9. A water hose will pressurize the system, overriding the impeller, and giving a false sense that impeller is ok. I fished for a couple of hours and my wife called and wanted me to pick her up at the dock. The motor will not get up over 3000 RPM under load. Between 1500 and 4500 rpm everything is great, but still will run rough after trolling for ten minutes. and engine temp. Do not rely on a water hose to check your impeller. Before operation, the outboard must be correctly installed with four mounting bolts shown. The code definitions are a good starting point when determining the cause of the service engine light but where do you go from there? Bring your boating to the top with Suzuki Marine. Until now. Also for: Optimax 135, Optimax 150, Optimax 175. If the engine runs normally over 3000 RPM then replace the rectifier. 55hp Mercury Boat wont start when in the water. it has new plugs in it and it did it before and after the plugs. Gavin Ashwin Ratman It has transformed my cruise craft into a different boat. 1 spot in sales. Redlines at 4750 rpm at about 40 mph. mercury outboard stalls accelerating; mercury outboard stalls at 3000 rpm; mercury outboard stalls at idle; tips starting outboard motor fast idle stalls; trouble shooting mercruiser stalls; troubleshoot outboard motor stalls at idle; where do you start troubleshooting mercury 60 hp outboard that is difficult to start and stalls in idle and Why won't my 98 mercury mystique rev over 4000 rpm's? Volvo s40 wont rev up over 4000 like a misfire its not the plugs or coilpacks what could it be? it should go well over 3000 rpms Outboard boat motors are notorious for problems. The SmartCraft Instrument package will also aid in Engine Guardian diagnostics. It’s good to test also this version, but on such boat we’d go for the normal one. e. I was very impressed with the Fast Tail Hydrofoil and best of all there was no drop in RPM at any stage. Seemed to be running smooth and had power from a standing start but would just quit at 2800 and not go any faster. When I was shopping for a boat I came across one seller who said he recommends "no more than 10 hp outboard engine" for his 25' sailboat. Mercury 90 HP 2 stroke Outboard. It will cruise all day at 1/2 throttle but it shuts off about 75% of the time when I try to move it from 1/2 throttle to full throttle. somebody thinks it is the switchbox or stator. Do you think it's a steering cable issue? We had that replaced a year or so ago. The motor will not rev anymore as if hitting a rev limiter. While […] Mercury MerCruiser 4. For older two-stroke motors the WOT range is typically 4500 to 5500 rpm. at start up,when cold,motor jumps to 3000 rpm,and gradualy bumps down to 1000 rpm. L. Then the engine just stopped accelerating at 2800RPM and would not go any faster. Hey guys, I have an 06' Mercury Optimax 115. Ask the experts on our Suzuki Outboard Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. Merc 350 MAG mpi wont revv under load Hi Guy's, I need some help from you all about a problem ive got, Ive got a 2002 Maxum 2700SCR with a Merc 350MAG mpi, we recently had a service by Southern Marine Services and they also replaced the manifolds, risers & riser blocks. could be a minor air problemmine was doing close to the same thing and the restriction was in the primer bulb. Cooling system is critical for an outboard to live. Jun 15, 2016 2014 Mercury Four Stroke Serious Hesitation at 3,000 RPMS, . Great for aluminum fishing boats, inflatables, sailboats, or as a kicker, the 8hp and 9. Failure to correctly fasten outboard could result in out- board ejecting off boat transom causing serious injury, death, or property damage. Things that have been suggested from bar stool Merc techs: fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel line/primer ball. I noticed that the best cruising RPM range was broader from 3000 RPM to 4000 RPM maintaining the 2. So I took my service manual and started following the troubleshoot steps. In gear it will run at around 2000 rpm, and occasionally rev up to 3-4000 rpm for a sec, and die back down to 2k. 2L TDI Inboard, Sterndrive 2015 The 4. Heavy Horsepower differences shown result from differences in test rpm, allowable test tolerances, and/or installation of special kit components. Johnson outboard 200vro, won't go over 3000 rpm? Any suggestions on why a Johnson outboard tends to slow down when exceed 3000 rpm? Why wont my car go over 3000 rpm? Mercury 70 hp bogs down at full throttle. The powerhead only has 20-30 hours on it and it runs like a sewing machine. Joe Carozzoni offered a suggestion – When builders list the engine (. It can be used to test the CD module, distributor cap, Ignition coil and plug wires. Check all your hose fittings and connections, then if you havent changed your primer bulb in a while, I would do that for routine maintenance and then also to see if it fixes the problem. The problem is still there even after the following were done: 1. I have only owned this [Mercury 90-HP Classic two-stroke outboard motor] for less than two months, and have run less than 10 gallons of gas from the installed tank over a maximum of four hours running time. W. All you need to . View, Egnine Wont Start, Engine Cranks but The Evinrude E-Tec outboard motor is one of the most reliable models of outboard motors on the market. . 8 kgs. 5 mercury outboard Outboard won't exceed 2000 RPM under load I have an older Mariner 115 outboard that's got relatively low hours, it's the 6 cylinder so I suspect it's a 1986 or 87. Any idea what's wrong? Here's some details below. are fine. At cruising engine speed, typically 3000 rpm for me, the boat speed is about the same. Are you having problems at high engine RPM (4000-7000) and wide open throttle (WOT)? If so it could be spark plugs. Technically, the CT has a final ratio of 2,38:1 with a Vengeance 17” three-blade propeller, while the normal leg mounted on the old 115 has a final ratio of 2,33 and a 15” prop, still from Vengeance. My outboard did the same thing after we took it in for a tuneup seafoam will not hurt an outboard,use the directions as stated. On the first boat It was over $7000 to rebuild so I just traded for a new one with warranty. yamaha 115 wont rev past 3000 rpm. With Mercury Repower Financing, you can easily power up everything from fishing boats, to runabouts, to cruisers with flexible financing on the engine. I thought the boat was going into EPM (engine protection modelimits RPM due to potentially damaging conditions) but turns out I have water in the gas tanks. 5l xri? almost all go kart engines run the same rpm so it wont go anyfaster it will have more power but wont go faster then any Mercury Marine Two Years Limited Warranty (Europe) WHAT IS COVERED: Mercury Marine warrants each new Mercury Outboard, Mariner Outboard, Jet Products, Thruster Electric Trolling Motors, Mercruiser Inboard or Sterndrive engine products to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the period described below. Does this motor have a limp/safe mode and what may cause this? I purchased this motor "running" form someone and the only change I have made is installation of an oil block kit to premix the gas. I had the boat out yesterday and everything ran great most of the day. Still, to avoid problems it is best to service the engine according to the owner's manual. 1994 mercury outboard won't plane out Sign in the highest it will run is 3,000 rpm. Problem 4: Boat won’t go over 4,000 RPM under load “My 1990 Donzi GT 250 has a Mercury 350 Mag MPI. I ran into some mud and after getting myself free I took off again and noticed that it wouldn't go over 4000 rpm when I had been running 5000+ not 5 minutes before. Allow the vehicle to return to its standard idle. Hull and prop are clean. After this the engine won't go over 3000 rpm no matter how much throttle is added. 2-liter TDI is Mercury Marine’s largest inboard and sterndrive diesel power plant. I had it out friday and ran up the river. I checked the throttle linkage and it appears to be operating the carburetor properly. oil filter, and finally the ecm computer boat still wouldn't go over 3000 rpm. O. I started playing with the trim a little more and found that if I trim it a little more than halfway, the cavitation plate runs on top and the boat does pick up about 75 to 100 more rpm's. 3 Measured using an accurate service tachometer with engine at normal operating temperature. QuikStart (a 10° timing advance) activates as long as the engine RPM is below 1,100, the engine temperature is below 105 F and the yellow/red wire from the starter solenoid is not feeding 12 volts DC to the power pack all of the time. S. My outboard did the same thing after we took it in for a tuneup. The problem: 9. The 41 series rod takes a shorter (SPS Mercury Pt # 10-848475 ) and the 50 series a longer( SPS Mercury part #10- 91995 ) this the third time I have found this in Hi Per Motors that had reciently been rebuilt in the last 3 months the bolts were new as if someone had either ordered the wrong part number or some parts guy, do it yourselfer, or Mercury Check Engine Light Codes. My husband and . I have a Mercury 150hp outboard and it has no power when i get a group on  Jun 3, 2014 Am I about to get a new prop to solve the problem, or could there be something Most Mercury propellers have what they call a "Torque Flow" hub. No such luck, as soon as I slowed down the motors problem came back. below 3000 RPM and a solid horn above 3000 RPM Oil pressure If possible, stop engine and key off to check related items. just serviced my motor but it won't go passed 2000 rpm With your engine OFF, advance your throttle at the control and see if the timing advance linkage . Between 130 and 200 hp, there simply has been no four-stroke outboard. When starting motor up it turns on and idles perfectly finewhen in neutral I will lift the fast idle lever up and it'll run up to 5000+ rpmsthe problem is when I try to go full throttle it would get to a little over 3000 rpms and just stall and stay My 2000 150HP Johnson/Evinrude won't go past 2000 RPM. Oil temp. 9 are 4-stroke portable marine engine. in other words,dont dump a whole can into a six gallon tank for example. 9hp are reliable, compact outboard engines. Won't plane out, and wont go over 3,000 rpm. It doesn't matter if your at 2000 or 6000 RPM it stays the same speed. I'm wondering, other than the physical size of an engine might not fit some wells, is there any limitation on how big an outboard I can put on a sailboat? Hi, so this could be a number of things but I'll give you a couple of things to check. Below you will find the most complete list of Mercury trouble codes available. "i have two problems,may be seperate or linked. Now the thing is if i keep pushing the choke it will rev up to about 5000 and seem to run somewhat normally. So here is what happens: trim the motor in, punch it, and the revs rise to 3000 rpm. it is smooth and isn't missing, and sometimes it will rev on up. Welcome to the Mercury Check Engine Light codes page. Being 8 miles from port and not being able to get on plane in seas that were picking up was making me a little nervous!! SO, any ideas out there??? _____ This INSTANT REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD for the Mercury-Mariner, Johnson-Evinrude, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha 70 horsepower outboard engines were designed primarily for factory service 70 horsepower outboard technicians in a properly equipped shop. (206. Perfect throttle response, decent power but on my test run after installing the new flywheel the boat will not run over 10 MPH. The engine will hesitate & sputter but stays @ 3000rpm. My 2008 Mercury Optimax 90 won't go above 3000 rpms and stalls occasionally at idle. We sea trialed a 2003 22 WA, Crusader 5. They can answer questions for any Suzuki outboard model or horsepower. Mercury and Quicksilver Propeller Crossover · Michigan Wheel Prop . Welcome to the Internet's premier site for boat motors! This site is part of iboats. 5. If the Mercury Outboard 115 will not start, this can indicate a variety of things. i used a timming light on all the plug wires and i I have a 50hp honda outboard 4 stroke and it will not rev over 3000 rpm It's a 2006 rebuilded all 3 carbs new prop - Honda Garden question 3. Consult your Authorized mercury MerCruiser "Outboard Motors" service and repair manuals. The WOT rpm range is determined by the outboard manufacturer, and is where you want to motor to be under full throttle and optimal trim. For example, a Verado sold and registered in July 2017 will have a three-year limited, non-declining warranty through July 2020. A week or so ago I was out cruising, boat was running like a top. The manufacturer, Bombardier, claims that the engine can run for over 300 hours without maintenance. I drained all gas out and added fresh gas w/ mercury fuel system cleaner. It occasionally will surge back up after a minor drop in rpm. Discover the range here. Park the vehicle and set the parking brake. problem im having is when the boat sits and idles for even a Mercury 150 FourStroke The Mercury 150-hp FourStroke outboard has the low-end torque of a two-stroke and the fuel-efficiency that made four-strokes popular. As it reaches about 2800-3000 RPM it starts to stumble and fluctuate and wont rev any higher. Motor sat last year with gas in it. All the filters and the all plugs were changed and all was well again. 6-liter Evinrude E-TEC, for example, has a WOT range of 4850 to 5850 rpm. 2000 rpm 2200 2500 rpm 3000-3500 rpm and much more 40 Hp Johnson Outboard Motor Boats for sale good shape and cruises at 22 mph at 3000 rpm. 85Lund,standing from the back of the motor looking forward,on the upper right side of the cylinder block closest to the rear you should see a little black or gray box with two yellow wires coming out of it. It is the lightest outboard in class at just 455 lbs. No help. Second one was 2004 Mercury 225 optimax - #6 cylinder failed with no warning and boom - blown engine. Mercury Repower Financing offers low rates and low monthly payments to fit a boater’s budget. When I got out of it, I found that I couldn’t get the boat back up to over 4,000 RPM at all. Suzuki is bridging the gap — at least partially — with its new 140 hp four-stroke, the first four-stroke outboard in this horsepower category. I thought maybe it was an over load of Staybil and whatever the shop winterized the gas with so I put in 30 gallons of fresh 87 octane, non-ethanol gas. Bought a 1987 Bass Tracker with an '87 45 HP Mercury on it. A simple issue may be that the spark plugs need replacing. A few of the functions the instrument package will display are engine RPM, coolant temperature, battery voltage, fuel consumption and engine operating hours. 4 Spark plugs. 1) Faulty Rectifier: Disconnect the yellow wires from the rectifier and re-test. After running the Merc for a few miles yesterday on Lake Erie (perch limits!)without any problem at full throttle, I anchored to perch fish for 4 o Hello My son has a 2005 Mercury 150 HP that is apparently going to a Guardian mode, put different props on boat and also goes to 4,900 rpm and levels off at that rpm, no matter what pitch prop is on boat speed changes with prop but not rpm. The recent arrival of V-6 four-stroke outboards in the 200-plus hp range has created a sizeable gap. 9/10/15 HP Service Manual Outboard rpm 2200 2500 rpm 3000-3500 rpm and much Egnine Wont Start, Engine Cranks but wont turn over How to replace shaft bearing lower leg of mercory 4hp two stroke adjusting the timing on a yamaha 30hp outboard ignition timing on mariner 40hp outboard mercury 50 hp 2 stroke 4 cal manual timing retards and fluctuates, rpm will drop below 3000 rpm gas not getting to engine evinrude 35 hp adjust the carberator on 5hp johnson outboard motor free The Honda BF8 and BF9. I have a 1988 Mercury 135 Black Max that starts up fine but when I shift it to either F or R it won't power up it runs only at about 2,500 rpm with WOT. It was over-heating once I got to 3,000 RPM so limped her home. It will crank right back up immediately and run great for hours as long as I don't go over 2500 rpm. The boat WARNING bottom should be aligned or be within 1 in. the boat starts fine and it shakes violentoly when ideling and the shakes go away when it gest to about 1500 rpm so im not woried about that but it dosent accept full throtle with out spiting abd Like the title says, 1999 50 HP Merc 2-stroke losing power at wide open throttle. No surging, hesitating or missing. You can also choose to finance rigging, gauges, controls and even labor. This is the problem: when trying to get up on plane, motor runs great until I hit approximately 2500 rpm at which time, it instantly shuts off. Direct Fuel Injection. 2 behind Mercury. After the first time it refused to run over 3000 rpm I added 8 ounces of Sea Foam, 3 ounces of Startron by Staybrite, and have replaced both fuel filters. The Honda BF15 and BF20 are 4-stroke portable marine engines. Fuel lines often clog if the engine is run through salty, muddy or polluted water. However  Boat engine revs but won't go forward or in reverse? Once it finally gets up on a plane, above 3000 rpm it seems to run stable up to about 4000 rpm and that's it. 150 black max wont go over 3000rpm 05-14-2007, 08:07 PM i have 150 black max that won't go over 3000 most of the time. do a compression check and all cylinders should be within 10% of each other,so if you get lets say,125,125,125,and 115 then  Sep 14, 2015 Hi Randy, did you do an RPM drop test at idle, or at full throttle? with the outboard in a test tank with a test propeller on it, running at max rpm. Ran about 5-7 gallons of new fresh fuel through it. Heavy duty Shoreline two wheel secondary issue. Took it to the shop and they said it runs fine in the shop, checked fuel pressure which was good. With the throttle pinned all the way down we could only go 7MPH and the engine would not run over 3000 rpm. rebulit checked the fuel line and put new gas in it. I cleaned the carbs, changed the spark plugs and gave it fresh gas. It only takes a few seconds, especially running at high RPM's, for an overheat situation to kill an outboard powerhead. Optimax 115 Outboard Motor pdf manual download. The CDI 511-9701 Battery CD Tester is highly recommended due to its ability to fire the Ignition systems up to 3000 RPM without the engine running. We help you save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on outboard motors, powerheads, lower units, outdrives, gear cases and more! Warranties available! Mercury 115 Hp EFI 4 Stroke Outboard Repair Manual [Improved] Mercury Mariner 8 / 9. This is the world's first 25 hp outboard motor designed with Lean Burn and Battery-Less Electronic Fuel Injection. Speed was 20 kt at 3000. A few times I could get it up to 3500 RPM before it dropped back down to 2800-3000 RPM and Re: Mercury EFI outboard problem Post by mrbassin0614 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:31 am Ok so the bulb doesnt stay hard after youve been running it for a while. Scan with CDS. 4 A special procedure must be followed to check or adjust timing. prop is stock motor wont rev past 300 rpm in neutral never rev an outboard past 1500RPM please unless you wan to buy a new I have a Mercury 175 EFI that seems to be bogging around 3k RPM. Cheers. 7l engines has the same problem. How to Set the Idle for a 1992 Nissan Sentra. Again, most times you will never know or expect it and it will happen. I'm not ventilating the prop. Replaced the power pack, optical sensor, correct spark plugs, and plug Hello to all, I have a 1990 Donzi GT 250 with a Mercury 350 Mag Mpi. Ran just fine, planed out and off I went. com, the #1 full featured boating site in the world. 0 MPI today. In the water, I can't get the boat on plane, and this I am tired of being embarrassed in front of the kids in their 45 mph ski boats when my boat used to be the king of this bay. ? recently bought a boat with a 2000 90 HP Merc 2 stroke, oil injected motor. I changed the plugs and still occasionally drops rpm once over 4500 rpm. boat wil accelerate to 2000 rpm then won't go any faster. However, enough information in 70 horsepower outboard repair manuals is given for do-it-yourself or Hey Guys, I have a 1997 Merc 4-stroke 50 hp tiller motor and while out fishing this past weekend, I hit some rough water (not sure if this even has anything to do with it) but was going full speed hit the waves then I reduced the speed, until calmer water. This will help eliminate problems before they occur. go and look for cracks in the bulb or around the hose, sounds like it could be sucking some air i am not an outboard mechanic or anything but i have had my share of fuel line problems. Home Forums > Boating just serviced my motor but it won't go passed 2000 rpm. A 2. Reverse works fine, and the engine revs all the way up when it's in neutral. All you need to know about your outboard engine issues and good advice from your fellow boaters. 3km per L all the way in this rang. What is the maximum RPM for a mercury outboard motor 200hp efi 2. g CID/HP) and propeller size/pitch – it’s not much help unless they give a transmission ratio. This chart should be used for general estimates only. 9 Hp 4 Stroke Outboard Repair Manual [Improved] Mercury 75 90 Hp 4 Stroke Outboard Repair Manual [Improved] Mercury 30 / 40 Hp Fourstroke EFI Outboard Repair Manual [Improved] Mercury Mariner 9. mercury outboard wont go over 3000 rpm

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